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Access Control – Local Doors Alarm

This door is equipped with Local Door Alarm which has a local siren and strobe. In the event this door is opened, the alarms will sound, and an email notification will go out to the customer with a picture of the person that opened the door. Local Door Alarms provide immediate notification for your facility if doors are opened without authorization. This door is free egress which means, in the event of an emergency employees can exit without having to unlock a door.

Wood Door Coring for Mortise Lock

Sometime electrified mortise locks are required or needed in wood doors for one reason or another. i-Tech provides wood door core drilling to ensure we can install the required lock for our customers.As you can tell, we don’t free hand it, we have the right tools to get the job done. This JIG is capable of coring a 1/2 hole up to 42″ long. This core goes from hinge to lock location.


HID Long Range Reader Testing before i-Tech deploys

Long Range Readers are used for many applications with an Access Control System. One Common use is on a Pedestal at a Gate. This allows people entering the gate to drive in and not have to get so close to the pedestal to scan an badge. In some cases, you can leave your window up, and place your access badge on your window to scan and open the gate.



Vicon PTZ – 60X Zoom with IR

i-Tech Security and Network Solutions deployed this PTZ in a high crime neighborhood in Salisbury, NC. This camera provides high level detail in day or night. This Vicon PTZ has a built in IR that is as powerful as a spot light, the cool thing is, people cannot see the IR light.


Milestone Systems Smart Search

Smart Search allows users to search an area of video to identify people, cars, trucks and other objects that moved in a particular area. This feature by Milestone Systems saves users time when doing investigations.



360 Camera Explained

360 degree fisheye cameras are perfect for general overview of a facility, office space or exterior of a building.