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Security cameras have been used for decades to help keep businesses safe. However, how effective they are depends on a few different factors, with the most important one being how that video is being monitored and interpreted–a security guard or manager typically can’t keep up with all the footage from every camera, which can quickly accumulate into the thousands of hours of video. Fortunately, they don’t have to, but can instead rely on video analytics software like what we offer here at i-Tech Security and Network Solutions. In this article, we’ll go over the basics on what video analytics is and how it works.

Video analytics is a type of security software

Video analytics is a type of security software that works with your security cameras, scanning the footage for suspicious behavior. When you set up the software, you will be able to specify certain parameters for what the software should look for, and then the software will alert you when it detects anything matching those criteria. The old model of video surveillance, which typically relied on one or more guards watching a live feed from the cameras and trying to detect suspicious behavior, is both ineffective and impractical–no matter how focused someone is, their attention will inevitably wander at some point.

With video analytics software, you will be able to identify potential trouble with far greater accuracy and consistency, as the computers can gain more information than you can from the footage. Our software can alert you of any developing incidents in the moment and allow you to track patterns and identify individuals to further improve your security in the future.