Understanding the Benefit of Video Analytics

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There are many movie and television scenes were countless hours are spent watching video surveillance monitors or of law enforcement watching hours or days’ worth of footage looking for a clue. This doesn’t seem very time-efficient, does it? It might be necessary if you need to find something and do not know what to look for, but a more expedient way to go about it is with video analytics.

You can also use video analytics

With video analytics, you let the software run the searches through the video looking for whatever information needed. For example, a witness of a crime said that they saw a blue vehicle outside your company, but they don’t remember anything else, such as the time. With video analytics, you could search for the blue vehicle and it would take you right to the time and day that it was in place on your property. You can then scan footage to determine if they were the perpetrators of the crime. This can also be used when you get a partial identification, such as the person wore a red ball cap or a green shirt.

Video analytics aren’t just ideal for dealing with criminal activity. There are many more applications, as well. For example, perhaps you have an employee you are considering letting go for not putting in the required hours. To substantiate against a wrongful dismissal, you can put together video footage of their constantly late arrivals and early departures. You can also use video analytics to determine if you have employees entering after hours when they have no reason to be there.

These are just a few of the benefits you can experience with video analytics software working with your video surveillance system. Give us a call at i-Tech Security and Network Solutions if you would like to know more about how we can make your company more secure while also controlling costs.