Unique Uses for Facial Recognition

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From a business standpoint, facial recognition can be highly valuable for access control, both at your company’s gate and for movement within your facility. In fact, it is one of the most popular of biometric methods in use today. There are several reasons for this, including that people can be identified and access granted when their arms are full, which is a problem with fingerprint or smartcard systems. To emphasize how facial recognition is sweeping the globe, we can look at the unique ways it is being used.

emphasize how facial recognition is sweeping the globe

  • Facial Recognition for Purchasing– Placing orders with the use of a digital menu and then paying using a face scan is already being utilized by some companies.
  • Facial Recognition to Control Quantity and Theft– To reduce toilet paper usage and theft, some public restrooms in China are using facial recognition to release a set amount and then set a timer so you cannot get more right away.
  • Facial Recognition in Casinos– Casinos have a list of those that for one reason or another are not allowed into their casino and facial recognition lets them know instantly if those people enter and alerts floor security to remove them.
  • Facial Recognition to Track Attendance– Using facial recognition to determine attendance at your business is common. What isn’t as common is using it in schools to find out who is skipping class, but that is currently being done in China. It can also be used to keep schools safer by identifying those that should not be on the premises, such as expelled students, drug dealers, and other known problems.
  • Facial Recognition to Assist the Blind– One of the challenges for sight-impaired individuals is not being able to use facial expressions when communicating. With an app recently developed, a blind person can feel a vibration when a smile is detected.

At i-Tech Security and Network Solutions, we offer a variety of biometric readers, including those that utilize facial recognition. We can help you have a more secure business by using this technology to control who has access to your property, your building, and key areas within the building.