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You have likely seen at least a couple television shows or movies where someone cannot visit an apartment or condo without first asking for permission through a door intercom. It might surprise you to learn that is not the only application where door intercom systems can prove useful. In addition to apartment buildings and condos, here are a few other applications where door intercom systems can be highly beneficial for added security and access control.

door intercom systems can prove helpful

  • Office buildings– Most businesses put the security and safety of their staff and their assets as a top priority. Door intercom systems help you to keep unauthorized people out and can be combined with access control that lets authorized people enter without being “buzzed in”.
  • High-level security clearance– Whether you have a business that must have strict access limitations or just certain areas where high-level security clearance is needed, door intercom systems can prove helpful.
  • Receiving docks– Rather than have someone need to stand by waiting for each delivery, use an intercom system so that the delivery driver can let you know they are there and ready to unload or be unloaded by your dock team.
  • Daycares– Limiting access is critical with daycares to ensure nobody comes in to take a child that they do not have the authority to pick up. The person that permits access can quickly check who is on the approved list and deny anyone else.
  • Hospital nurseries– As is the case with daycares, it is important to let only parents and those they have noted are allowed into a hospital nursery to see their child.
  • Retirement homes– Door intercom systems serve two benefits in retirement homes. First, they keep those that do not have a family member away that might want to try to take advantage of your residents. The second benefit is that you protect those residents that might wander outside and become lost or injured as they cannot get out without the door being opened by a staff member.

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