What You Need to Know About Visitor Management Systems

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Here at i-Tech Security and Network Solutions, our goal is to help you keep your business and employees safe. One important tool for doing this is a visitor management system. While it would be nice if everyone who came to your business had the best of intentions, in reality this is not true, and you need to be able to prevent bad actors from causing harm. Visitor management systems allow you to identify and track every person who comes to your facility so that you can keep people out of areas where they’re not supposed to be and prevent troublemakers from coming back.

Visitor management systems allow you to identify

Modern visitor management systems can do so much more than act as a sign-in sheet. In addition to recording visitors’ names and arrival times, the systems that our team offers can take photos of each new face to help you identify them later, and print those photos on ID badges to show that they have permission to be there (and conversely, allow you to identify anyone who does not). They can also direct visitors on where to go and what to do if a receptionist is not available, and can send alerts of their arrival via SMS, email, or Slack to the employees they are there to see.

Visitor management systems make accepting deliveries easier, whether they contain supplies, documents, or food orders. With our visitor management systems, you will be able to more effectively direct and monitor visitors in the moment, as well as better keep track of patterns and spot concerning behaviors.