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Salisbury, North Carolina Commercial Security

i-Tech is just a few miles from Salisbury, North Carolina which enables us to deploy commercial security systems in a blink of an eye to Salisbury Businesses. We proudly provide Security Services to the Salisbury Police Department and other well known companies in Salisbury like Hedrick industries which is based in the heart of Downtown Salisbury NC. Hedrick Industries owns and manages 10 Rock Mining sites in Various locations in North Carolina.

Bio Reader, Camera and Video Intercom

i-Tech Security has a team of commercial security engineers, sales staff and to provide installation and service for many systems including access control systems, electrified door hardware, card access and video management systems that handle endless remote servers, cloud based cameras and solar camera solutions communicating back to the VMS over cellular.

In Salisbury North Carolina, we have also worked with housing authorities to deploy cameras and license plate recognition in high crime areas to assist the Salisbury police with investigations

i-Tech was recently awarded a security project in Downtown Salisbury to design and deploy a commercial camera system to monitor the new Bell Tower Green. This system will monitor the parks perimeter and interior grounds to ensure 24/7 monitoring and prompt response from the Salisbury Police Department if an issue arises.

Below is some of the services we provide at i-Tech Security and Network Solutions

  • Commercial Security Systems in Salisbury, NC
  • Access Control Systems, Card Access Systems, Security Doors, Biometrics
  • Gate Barriers, Gate Motors, Perimeter Fencing
  • Commercial Camera Systems, Video Management Systems
  • Commercial Security Systems, Security Monitoring
  • Low Voltage Wiring (Cat6, Coax, Fiber, Fire Alarm)
  • Network Equipment, Servers, Storage, Wireless, Cloud Based Products, Backups

If you are looking for commercial security installations, service, security assessments, please contact us at i-Tech Security and Network Solutions to arrange a meeting with our team.

Salisbury North Carolina has a Crime Rate of 54 per 1000 residents. This is high compared to other cities it’s size per i-Tech Security can help provide a wide range of systems to Commercial Businesses to help track down, and prosecute individuals breaking the law in Salisbury, NC.  Please contact i-Tech Security today to help make a difference in the City of Salisbury North Carolina.

i-Tech offers financing for companies in Salisbury that are looking to upgrade security to your buildings. We take pride in securing our communities and are willing to help with your Security where we can.